Let's Knock Brain Cancer Out For The Count!


Ever since he was a little boy, Daron Fisher motivated himself in hard times with the words “keep punching.” He learned the expression from Sylvester Stallone, who used it to autograph a media kit for Daron following the second Rocky movie. In 2010, when Daron began the hardest challenge of his life following his diagnosis with brain cancer, Stallone’s words held special meaning to him. For three years, he kept punching, working not only to stay healthy, but also to help find a cure for the disease.

During 2013, the last year of his battle with a glioblastoma, Daron, and his wife Beth started the non-profit organization Keep Punching in their Pikesville, Maryland home. Beth and Daron struggled with the knowledge that while researchers continue to speculate about promising treatments for brain cancer, few receive the necessary funding to determine the treatments’ efficacy.