People don’t know

People don’t know that much about brain cancer. Unless they have lived through it they may never have seen it advertised or discussed anywhere. Brain cancer doesn’t have its own month of recognition and they’ve assigned it the color gray, gray for gray matter as a Neurosurgeon once said, a color people don’t seek out or even necessarily see. Brain cancer happens, it just isn’t the hottest news on the street and that’s the purpose of Keep Punching. To get the word out there. Because for anyone who has known anyone who had or has brain cancer it seems every time you turn around you bump into someone else who has it or knows someone who does.

There are many types of brain cancer and the effects depend on the type but also on the location of the brain. Like any cancer or disease, the way a person will react and the course their disease will take is different for everyone. But for brain cancer there is no cure. There are great treatment options and if successful they can prolong a person’s life after diagnosis. There are also great doctors working hard to develop new treatments that could one day be called a cure, but for now there is none.

Many times cancers start in one place and can spread to other parts of the body causing the patient to have symptoms and complications in different areas of the body. The nature of brain cancer is that it develops in the brain (whether as a primary or secondary brain cancer) and because the brain is the command center of the body, brain cancer impacts the whole body over time. It also effects a person’s mental and cognitive abilities and alters personalities. Common signs and symptoms include headaches, seizures, vision impairment and changes in behaviors. Common effects include seizures, headaches, paralysis, altered personality, rage, loss of vision, aphasia or loss of speech. Brain cancer breeds new normal. Once a person has it, life changes forever. Even if they live a long time things never go back.

It’s time to get the word out. Brain cancer is common, it is happening, it’s deadly and unforgiving. It takes people away from their families and themselves even before it kills them.

It’s time to start the gray trend. Let educate people. Let’s support the doctors and help them find a cure for brain cancer.