Funded Grants

Keep Punching is Proud to Support Dr. Iwamoto and his Ground-Breaking Research
Dr. Iwamoto is an assistant professor of Neurology and the deputy division director of Neurology at Columbia University Medical Center in New York City. Originally from Brazil, Dr. Iwamoto completed his residency at Weill Cornell Medical Center at New York-Presbyterian Hospital and his fellowship at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.
Dr. Iwamoto’s Latest Research Project:
Keep Punching funded Dr. Iwamoto’s most recent research project involving novel treatments for glioblastoma. Here is a message from Dr. Iwamoto about the work you helped to support:

“The support of “Keep Punching”  was essential for us to complete two important steps on our study of a new experimental drug for gliomas over the last several months. In both the mouse model and in human samples, our collaborators in Dr. Bruce’s and Dr. Canoll’s laboratories have developed a library of TILs using reverse transcription of RNA to compare TILs to the peripheral T cells cleanly. Along with collaborators in the Department of Systems Biology at Columbia University, we developed an innovative computational pipeline which leverages long read length and sequence error handling for unprecedented inclusivity in the analysis of clinical samples. Using these tools, we have characterized the repertoires, using entropy-based statistics to quantify the degree of antigen-driven clonal expansion within the samples. These metrics, coupled with traditional assays of T cell function, will allow us to better identify the T cells that will respond most effectively to treatment.”

On 4/19/2015 Keep Punching funded a new research study led by Dr. Iwamoto

Keep Punching funded Dr. Mark Mishra at the University of Maryland Medical Center for a 5 year grant for a combined total of $25,000 in January 2016.The study is on, Patient preferences for reducing adverse events following brain irradiation. Mishra.UMD.patient preference research.proposal-2-3